Social Media Marketing

Your social media presence is not one thing. Nor is your overall digital presence. The strategy of your company in all digital channels should be a collection of things and actions that aim to form one coherent digital entity that distinguishes itself from the clutter and connects with the right people, at the right places, in the right moment. The ultimate goal should always be to obtain your company’s future goals for brand building, growth and development and of course, sales.

At Social Media Shop we examine each company as the unique entity that it is, with its unique offering and USP, qualities, strong and weaker points, target audiences and much more.

We identify the digital channels that you need to focus your efforts on and we design a bespoke digital strategy every single time, proposing and implementing all the actions that will reach the set goals and will bring the desired results.

A full Social Media Management service includes everything from the design of the digital strategy to community management, social monitoring, content strategy, content creation, content distribution, social media management, community management, social ads, crisis management etc.

At the same time you can choose to cooperate with us in many more ways.

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Digital Strategy & Training

You are not alone.

Are you an established enterprise with its own marketing team or even a smaller company whose owners or key personnel handle their own social media? Do you feel like you should take it to the next level and get out of chaotic situations with endless new trends and best practices that bring no results?

Let’s talk! Together we can identify your company’s needs and goals in order to put everything in the right order and design the best strategy tailored to you, that will give you clear guidance as to where and how you should focus your actions, save you valuable time and make you more effective.

After forming your digital and social media strategy, you and your team will be trained and educated on the latest digital trends and co-ordinate for the most optimal implementation of your social media strategy.

Content Marketing

Authentic. Creative. And right on spot.

Whether it’s your every day social media calendar, your website’s texts, your newsletter’s copy, or your blog’s articles, we are there to help you.

With extensive experience in copywriting, branding and visual design, as well as a creative and talented network of partners, you can rest assured that you will receive interesting, authentic copy and mesmerizing visual content that is highly targeted and coherent with your brand, while also distributed in the best way.

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Social Advertising Campaigns

Long are gone the times when organic reach was actually a thing of reality. Nowadays, social media are on their maturity stage and good content on its own is not enough to bring results.

Businesses on social media need smart handling of their money resources, and of course the right copy targeted precisely. These are the factors that will help you beat complicated algorithms and over-crowded social media space for the best achievement of your business goals.

Don’t just waste your advertising budget. Invest it in the most effective way and reach the right people with your well-crafted message reach.

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